HeliBars Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I use my HeliBars ® Handlebar Adapters as a tie down point?

HeliBars Handlebar Adapters must not be used as the primary holding points for tie downs while trailering. (Just as it is not recommended that you use your stock handlebars as a tiedown point.) Extreme force applied to the ends of the bars can bend the bars or rotate them on their mounts. Instead use a wheel chock and pull the machine down and forward. Using soft ties or similar, attach to the lower triple clamp. Bars should only be used as secondary attachment points to steady the motorcycle from lateral sway. Failure to follow these guidelines can cause damage to the HeliBars and the motorcycle, and may also void our warranty.

Q: Will HeliBars Handlebar Adapters interfere with my stock tank or fairing?

As long as the installation instructions are followed, HeliBars Handlebar Adapters will not contact your tank or fairing. If you have an aftermarket tank or fairing there maybe interference. HeliBars are designed as a direct STOCK replacement.

Q: Will I need to modify throttle cables or brake lines?

Most HeliBars Handlebar Adapter models are designed to work with all of your stock cables and hydraulic lines. In some cases, it is necessary to replace your throttle cables or hydraulic lines. If longer lines or cables are required, it will be noted as to weather they are necessary and/or if they are included.

Q: Will HeliBars Handlebar Adapters affect the handling of my bike?

In most HeliBars Handlebar Adapter applications, there's an improvement in both low- and high-speed handling on the street. You also must take into consideration the fact that you'll be sitting more upright and therefore more in the windstream

Q: I'm experiencing an unusual amount of flex in the handlebars after installing the Tour Performance® Bar Adapters on my Honda ST1300. Is this normal?

This is normal, providing the mounting bolts are torqued correctly. The new grip location produces a greater amount of leverage because of the increased distance from the grips to the mounting bolts / rubber sleeves. Our design not only raises the grip position, it also moves them a lot closer to the rider. We noticed this flex very early in our proto-type development, but found it had no effect on handling and the general feel of the road. The motion is only felt front to back and thus has no negative effect to rider input. Most customers notice this flex after the initial installation but forget about it after the first couple of rides.

Q: What's the best way to clean my HeliBars Handlebar Adapters?

We suggest you wash them with car wash (dish detergent) and warm water as you would use on the bikes body work. Dry the surface. Protect with a high quality polish. Our favorite is Wizards Products. This polish should be applied at least twice a year. We do not recommend Carnuba based waxes as they will leave a white film in hard to reach areas.

Q: What if I'm not happy with my HeliBars?

We proudly offer a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products.

Q: Who does HeliBars installations in my area?

Unfortunately there is no way for us to verify the service departments ability of every dealership that sells HeliBars. We are happy to provide our customers with the names of dealerships in their area that sell HeliBars, but would also ask that the customer inquire within each dealership of their previous experience installing HeliBars. We gladly provide technical support to any dealers or retail customers who run into any unforeseen problems with installations.

Q: How durable are my HeliBars?

HeliBars are intended to replace your stock handlebars and to be used in the same manner. We do not recommend that you use them in any driving situation other than that suggested by your motorcycle manufacturer.

Q: Can you make my HeliBars taller than the current design?

There are many factors taken into consideration when designing HeliBars. First and foremost, we design HeliBars to work without having to make costly modifications to your motorcycle, such as modifying your tank or fairing. In most cases we are able to design HeliBars to work within the limitations of the stock cables and hydraulic lines. If cable or hydraulic line changes are required they are provided with the HeliBars.

Q: Why can't I lock my bars with the ignition switch?

In most cases, you'll find that your triple clamp isn't fully seated.

Q: The ZX14 Tour Performance bar risers don't have enough of a rise. Why didn't you go taller?

We tried to produce a HeliBar for the 14 but the fairing and fuel tank fought us every inch of the way. We settled on the riser as the best way to improve comfort, as the stock bar angles really aren't that bad. The 3/4" rise seems small, but it's quite noticeably more comfortable and all the fairing, tank and fork tubes will allow.